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What is Search Engine Optimization, is SEO real or snake oil?

What is Search Engine Optimization? Yes, it’s very, very real and essential for your business success.  What does it do?

  • Helps the search engines like Google to determine what your page is about.
  • Distills content so that what you’re trying to communicate can be accessed by the wider public.
  • Has your page and content load in a fast way to accommodate mobile devices and ever changing technology to get the best user experience.
  • SEO determines whether or not your business is successful and reachable online, adhering to the best website and business practices and can be continued to be ranked highly in Google, Bing and Yahoos indexing search results.


Search Engine Optimization- The  Importance of Local SEO

Being a local small business owner, limited to a particular area or vicinity, you might look the benefits of investing in developing a google business page for your website, as well as getting your website to be as authoritative in your field as possible. This may be because, using a simple Google search, you will be head to head with business giants such as Amazon and eBay, but if you are intending to enhance the local standing, local internet search engine optimization can do wonders. Similar to standard search engine optimization, local internet search engine optimization in essential to implement on your website development, to increase the visibility of one’s company on Google alongside other search engines when an individual of the local vicinity performs a search online.

Conducting local internet search engine optimization for your business may prove to be valuable and we’ll have a look at many of those advantages to paint a better picture of regional SEO. An on-line small business citation is  an on-line mention of your company’s name, telephone number and physical address, the information officially called NAP – Higher local visibility ensures more foot traffic, more service customers and consequently greater sales. Local Search engine optimization offers optimization applicable to the local region, town or city, so that you visitors can locate your small business effortlessly, placing you one step closer to impending earnings.

This helps to drive search traffic relevant to your company content, which in turn increases foot traffic, ensuring better customers in need of the content, services, and products and ensuring greater sale revenue. Marketing your content and constructing links can increase both relevance and eminence prominence of one’s business in the on-line market applicable to the location, and the efficiency in meeting the user search requirements determines the regional ranking of your website. Marketing your content through local Search engine optimization tools can assist in building linkage with your clients, bring them closer to your company, to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

Google My Business signals serve as an important feature to increase local ranking. Even though you can’t change your raking position, it is possible to positively influence your web site on-line visibility through other visibility factors which could optimize the search traffic flowing to your website. Google My Business is an on-line directory that provides your company location, list, category, and an essential weblink. About 86 percent of on-line searchers also use Google Maps to locate specific services and products around their vicinity. 51% percent of people use their mobile phones to search for locations of companies, restaurants, etc. 1 in 5 of on-line shoppers within a day of visiting a specific business web site, buy a good or service from it. Integrating Google Maps feature on your web site and on the Google My Business profile is another powerful local search engine optimization strategy to decrease bounce rate and time one page factors of the website, making your business, a success!

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