Choosing the Best SEO Company

So we started our own SEO company after being in e-commerce and website design for many years. Before the inception of Boulder-Seo we used many marketing companies to promote our e-commerce website and had various experiences. One company in India wound up sending out hundreds of thousands of automated spam links to promote our website and we didn’t know they were doing that. This happened in 2017, and a few months later we received a covert penalty in Google and our website went to the fourth page, when in our field we were previously ranked 1-4 in search engine results.

Google did not notify us of an official penalty but there were hundreds of thousands of spam links from China and Russia and “Viagra” spam junk sites all pointed to our website with our most relevant keywords. We vowed to never hire an overseas SEO company thats uses unethical practices ever again and you run the risk with these low cost SEO’s, that they might do that. Your website and business can experience irreparable damage. We had to spend thousands of dollars and over a year trying to clean up our link profile. Once the links that were made to our site got pushed around through these internet back alleys, kind of like on the dark web, it resulted at one point, we had 250,000 junk back links! This basically ruined that particular e-commerce website. It never really recovered but we worked hard to regain it’s integrity and let Google know what happened to us.

This is directly from Google it tells you what things to look for things to watch out for when deciding which Seo company to hire.


How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Business, and What to Avoid


Hiring the best SEO company to improve your business website is a daunting task. There are many important factors that one should look for while hiring an SEO company. Choosing an ethical SEO company is one of them, as this company follows all ethical standards. SEO is a crucial tool to promote your business and increase its online visibility. It also helps in increasing your brand awareness and making you reach new levels of success quickly. Hence it is very important to hire the best SEO company for your budget.

We had more than one experience where an SEO company acts like a car salesman or an MLM. They try to rope you into extensive contracts and what we found again and again, is that they set up your business and your keyword monitoring, build a little bit of content for the first and maybe the second month, but then into the third month and beyond they do very little work and they receive residual income.

One very famous SEO company said to us that this was their business model and they only put effort into building content when the customer called to complain. Another person that works in the industry told us that their model was not to do any SEO content building and marketing but to get daily sales and contracts with false promises and the if rate of getting new people versus the rate of cancellation was financially positive than they considered that a success!

An SEO company that follows ethical practices can be easily identified through various parameters. They follow a certain code of conduct and practice. Therefore if you are hiring a SEO expert then make sure to check if he or she is following these ethical practices. Some of the practices followed by an ethical SEO company are listed in the video above and below. Hiring an ethical SEO company will help you get quality search engine optimization services at affordable rates. This in turn will enhance your brand image and help you achieve higher rankings in major search engines!

One of the most important parameters to consider while choosing an ethical SEO company is their level of experience in providing SEO services. An experienced SEO expert like Boulder-SEO, can provide you with customized solutions that are cost effective. Experienced SEO experts use ethical, powerful practices to offer better services and use practices to ensure that their clients do not face any negative issues or penalties on their websites. You can also be sure of getting quality results because these companies have a good understanding of the requirements of your business and your website. Moreover, ethical SEO companies are up to date, and constantly on the look out for the latest technologies and tools that will help them in providing better services. The right company can be invaluable tool toward your business’s continued visibility being an overall success, but the wrong company can indeed harm you.

What to consider before hiring:

  1. No Long Contracts
  2. A Portfolio with Proven Expertise
  3. Ability To Communicate with Company
  4. No Software Based Link Submissions

Before you choose an ethical SEO company for your website, it is essential that you check out the websites of these companies. You should visit their website and check out their portfolio of past projects. This will help you understand their quality of work. If the company has provided good results to its past clients, it will certainly provide quality services to you, then you can be rest assured that your website will perform better.

Another parameter that will determine your choice of an ethical SEO company is the level of communication that they maintain with their clients. A customer should always be able to contact the company through email or phone and ask for a quotation. A reputed and ethical company will always provide customers with an opportunity to ask any question related to their search engine marketing campaigns. If all is hidden and shady, that can be a refection of their practices.

The above mentioned aspects are the key criteria that you need to consider while choosing the best SEO company for your website. Please, from our experience we suggest that you vet the company and do not sign long contracts or any contracts at all with these companies because you can’t guarantee that they’re going to be doing work in subsequent months. Here at Boulder-SEO we will work for you diligently every month and provide summary of what we’ve done. We are an ethical marketing company that abides by all of Google’s best, white hat practices. Our services will help you improve your online presence and will improve the traffic to your website. So, if you want to achieve quality results, it is important that you use these services from an ethical SEO company… like ours!